How To Remove Rust From Damascus Steel Knives?

A damask knife is a great kitchen helper – no kitchen knife or chef’s knife can match the sharpness and edge retention of these masterpieces. The unique combination of different types of steel and iron ensures a high-quality blade, which can also score aesthetically. Due to the different layers, the knife blade has a great shimmer. If you want to clean the damask knife, however, you should pay attention to a few subtleties in order to enjoy the sharp blade in the long term. You can protect the fine blades from rust with a few tips and tricks. Even if you do need to remove rust, there are a few home remedies other than rust removers and polish that can reliably help you with this.


How do you clean a damask knife?


Basically, damask knives should always be cleaned by hand. Ideally, you can rinse the damask knife under running water. You can do this with a soft cloth, put a drop of washing-up liquid on it and gently rub the blade with it. Then rinse the knife under lukewarm, running water.


Clean and maintain the knife properly so that the blade remains sharp
The alternative is to rinse the knife in a lukewarm water bath to which a mild hand cleaner or detergent has been added. Here you can also use a soft cloth to clean the knife. Microfiber cloths are most likely to be  recommended for this  . Under no circumstances should the knife be treated with the rough side of a dishwashing sponge. In this case the blade is at risk of being damaged by scratches. Never leave the knife in the water bath for long. Not only does the handle threaten to swell, but long-term contact with the detergent could cause it to react with the steel of the blade.
After rinsing, you should immediately take a soft tea towel and dry the knife carefully. Make sure that you remove any water residue and that the knife is completely dry. If the knife is then not in use for a long time, it is advisable to coat the blade and handle with non-acidic oil. A thin layer of oil, such as camellia oil, is enough. The knife is reliably protected from rust by the layer of oil.
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